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War Thunder Crack

Control issues aside, we don't see many cross-platform games because it's largely considered not worth the effort. It's unlikely to shift many copies of a regular retail game. Free-to-play games, however, live or die on their playerbase. They need lots of players who feel invested in the game, so getting to roll everyone together and not split people from their pals is more worth the investment. Hopefully we'll see other F2P developers have a crack at this so we can play more games with our consoling chums.

War Thunder Crack

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His superiority in this realm is the only thing he is sure of. Thundercracker is not entirely committed to the Decepticon cause, and even has some seemingly contradictory sympathy for the humans they terrorize. Fear of retribution from Megatron and the influence of his peers is usually enough to bury these doubts. Regardless, he needs constant reassurance from Skywarp and Starscream (which occasionally take the form of threats) that he's where he needs to be. Sometimes, his heart's just not in the job.

One of Megatron's elite, Thundercracker was present when the Decepticons boarded the Ark and was subsequently left in stasis lock for four million years. Thundercracker was a consistent presence on the battlefield until he was severely damaged by Omega Supreme and placed in stasis by the Autobots.

In the year 2005, Thundercracker was badly injured during the Battle of Autobot City, and was tossed out of Astrotrain on the Decepticons' return trip to Cybertron. His body was recovered by the planet-eating Unicron, and reformatted into Scourge.

A series of recruitment messages sent by the Autobots to human allies featured Thundercracker as a recurrent bogeyman. He first appeared in the story of Johnny, a member of S.T.A.R.S. who spotted Thundercracker draining the energy from the boy's town. Despite all other power being knocked out, Johnny was able to activate his Command Center and summon an Autobot squad. Have the Decepticons defeated us once and for all? However, even they were somewhat affected by Thundercracker's siphoning, and just as Johnny was preparing to issue orders, his Command Center went dead and the walls around him began to shake. Can one boy, alone, hold back the evil Decepticons?

The Autobot messages ended that story there, leaving the outcome unknown. But in later messages, Rodimus Prime would recall what he considered the Transformers' greatest battle on Earth, in which the only enemy combatants were Megatron and Thundercracker. The two Decepticons set up an ambush for an Autobot convoy searching for a site on which to build Autobot City. As the battle erupted, Thundercracker again employed his energy-draining attack (described here as a "force field"). Rodimus Prime remembers the Transformers greatest battle on Earth. Optimus Prime ordered Cliffjumper, Cosmos, and Warpath to retreat out of the weapon's range and get help, but as they left, Thundercracker pursued. Transformers Combat Data

Again, the story was cut short, but it would not be the last time Thundercracker was said to tangle with that particular group of Autobots. The final S.T.A.R.S. recruitment message told of Reflector discovering that the squad was out scouting for new energy sources, and Thundercracker was sent on a sneak-attack run. The message warned that if the recipient failed to help out by joining S.T.A.R.S., the Autobots might be destroyed. The Autobots Are Under Attack!

Thundercracker led a Decepticon attack on an oil storage dump within the Arabian peninsula. Though he carried out his mission with excitement and savagery, Thundercracker's attack was little more than a distraction to keep the Autobots occupied while Megatron stole crude oil from super tankers off the coast of Africa. Attack of the Decepticons

Thundercracker is one of Megatron's most vicious fighters. He was involved in Megatron's scheme to take over the Earth by holding millions of humans hostage. When Megatron feigned a friendly demeanor after the Autobots had invaded the Decepticon base, Thundercracker stood by his leader's side. Battle for Earth

After having captured a group of Autobots, the Decepticons were awaiting the Autobots' surrender. The morning the Autobots' surrender was due, the Decepticons found a statue of Devastator on their doorstep, with a note attached to it, explaining the monument to be a peace offering from the Autobots. Thundercracker was amongst the Decepticons present that were surprised to see the Autobots burst forth from within the statue, catching the evil robots by surprise. In response to the Autobot fighter planes attacking from the skies, Megatron deployed Thundercracker and the other Decepticon jets to combat them. The Decepticons ultimately lost the fight nonetheless. The Autobots' Secret Weapon

Thundercracker attended a briefing in the Decepticons' war room, where Megatron explained his plan to salvage sunken treasure in the waters near Alaska in order to finance factories that would build a Decepticon army. Thundercracker and Starscream maintained a high altitude above the other Decepticons as they retrieved the treasure, held in reserve as "secret weapons" that Megatron then called upon them when a squad of Autobots interfered with their objective. Thundercracker engaged Cliffjumper, but was forced to retreat when he was hit by a blast of the Autobot's glass gas. He and the other Decepticons were ultimately defeated when one of Rumble's earthquakes backfired, and swallowed up all of them (yes, even the flying ones...) Search for Treasure Under the Sea

After Megatron has constructed his own prison for the Autobots, Thundercracker and the other Decepticons were tasked with rounding their enemies up. He and Starscream employed Sleep Nets to capture Bluestreak and Sideswipe. Once nearly all of the Autobots had been captured, Bumblebee tricked the Decepticons into leaving the prison unattended, and freed his comrades. Thundercracker and Starscream were shot out of the sky by Sideswipe and Bluestreak upon the Autobots' escape. Bumblebee to the Rescue!

Ordered to patrol "every inch of the Earth" in order to find a factory suitable for constructing a Decepticon army, Thundercracker wound up above some mountains, where he found only ice and snow. Thundercracker and his fellow jets then happened upon an "Autobot Factory," but a bombing run mysteriously had no effect; when the enraged Megatron led his troops to tear the factory down with their bare hands, it turned out they had been duped by one of Mirage's mirages. The Decepticons then battled the Autobots, and Thundercracker surrendered immediately when he was caught in Huffer's crushing grip. Decepticon Patrol

Thundercracker was one of the Decepticons who attempted to harm Sparkplug and Buster Witwicky, only for their plan to be foiled by the Autobots. Later, the Decepticons attacked the Hoover Dam. Thundercracker fought and defeated Spin-Out Sunstreaker, only for the Autobot to be repaired by his human allies. Thundercracker and the other Decepticons were shortly after driven away from the dam by the autobots. The Deadly Fuel Shortage Later, Thundercracker was one of the many Decepticons who defended the Decepticons' stronghold when an Autobot convoy mobilized against them. He and the rest of the Decepticons were defeated when the Autobots managed to turn the Decepticons' own Molecular transfer device against them. Summertime Coloring Book

When the Decepticons duped the Autobots into abandoning their base with a phoney message from Cybertron, they were themselves then tricked when the Autobots created a fake message of their own. Fleeing the captured Autobot base under the mistaken belief it was about to be attacked by Martians, Thundercracker and Starscream once again wound up in the vise-like grip of Huffer. A Message From Outer Space In another case of history repeating itself, Thundercracker was once again ordered by Megatron to patrol every inch of the Earth in order to search for the ideal location for a Decepticon factory. Then Megatron claimed the forest they were already in would be the ideal location for said factory, and Thundercracker didn't go anywhere. Thundercracker helped Megatron tear the place up, until the Autobots arrived, and the Decepticons were forced to flee after a brief battle. Forest Rescue Mission

Thundercracker asked Soundwave, Ravage and Rumble to join him in a plot that would put an end to the Autobots once and for all. He led his fellow Decepticons to a scrap yard, where he showed them a car compactor. The four of them then built a fake rest stop which concealed the car compactor beneath its benign exterior. They managed to trap and crush Gears, only for Mirage, Ratchet and Sideswipe to show up instantly afterwards. Thundercracker's circuits were jammed in mid-air by Mirage, sending him plummeting down. The Autobot Smasher!

Thundercracker was part of the ambush party that boarded the Ark during the Cretaceous period, which led to Optimus Prime crashing his ship in a volcano and shutting everyone on board offline. The Decepticons then raided a nearby nuclear power to gain the additional power necessary to destroy the Autobots. The Decepticons and the Autobots battled afterwards, but with the Decepticons running low on fuel once more, the evil robots were forced to retreat. Battle for Cybertron

The morning after a fierce battle against the Autobots, as both sides were in the process of recovering, Thundercracker and his fellow Decepticon suddenly appeared in the skies over the Autobots' headquarters. Their mission was to draw the Autobots' attentions in order to prevent them from learning about an attempt by Blitzwing to steal oil nearby, but Optimus Prime realized that he and the Autobots were being distracted when he noticed the Decepticons didn't have the energy to fire their own weapons. Decepticon Hijack

Under Starscream's leadership, Thundercracker and Skywarp attacked a solar plant. After Starscream was hit by Optimus, Thundercracker asked if he was still functional. The trio retreated after Megatron furiously ordered them to withdraw lest they damage the solar reactor. They rendezvoused with the rest of Megatron's forces a mile away, and Thundercracker admitted they had been wrong to follow Starscream's orders. Megatron let him and Skywarp take part in the subsequent attack on the solar plant. Sun Raid (Listen 'n Fun)

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