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Hotel Mumbai(2018)

That night, terrorists from the Lashkar-e-Taiba organization, under the command of "the Bull", launch a coordinated assault against 12 locations across Mumbai, including the hotel. As the local police are not properly trained or equipped to handle the attack, they are forced to wait for reinforcements from New Delhi. In the ensuing chaos, Arjun, David, Zahra and Vasili are trapped in the hotel restaurant with several other guests while Sally remains with Cameron in their hotel room. A woman fleeing from the terrorists enters the hotel room, and Sally hides with Cameron in a closet as the terrorists shoot the woman and then leave.

Hotel Mumbai(2018)

Hearing of Sally's close encounter, David manages to sneak past the terrorists and successfully reach Sally and Cameron. Meanwhile, Arjun escorts the other guests to the Chambers Lounge, an exclusive club hidden within the hotel, where they hope to remain safe. David, Sally and Cameron attempt to regroup with the others, but David is captured and bound by the terrorists while Sally and Cameron are trapped inside a closet.

Meanwhile, police officer DC Vam and his partner enter the hotel in the hopes of reaching the security room so they can track the terrorists' movements. Inside, Arjun attempts to escort a mortally wounded guest to a hospital, but upon encountering the officers, she panics and flees before being killed by a terrorist. Arjun escorts the officers to the security room where they discover the terrorists about to break into the Chambers Lounge. Vam orders Arjun to stay as he goes to attack the terrorists, successfully wounding one named Imran.

Eventually, the NSG arrive, and the Bull orders the terrorists to burn the hotel down. The terrorists leave Imran to guard the hostages, and the Bull orders Imran to kill them. Imran shoots both David and Vasili, but spares Zahra when she begins reciting a Muslim prayer, allowing her to untie herself and escape.

Arjun regroups with Oberoi and evacuates the remaining guests, encountering Sally and Cameron in the process. The NSG kill the remaining terrorists, and Zahra is evacuated by an aerial work platform before reuniting with Sally and Cameron. After the hotel is secured, Arjun returns home to his wife and daughter.

A closing script reveals that those responsible for the attack remain free to this day, but the hotel was repaired and parts reopened within months of the event. The final scenes show a memorial to the staff and guests, and footage of the grand reopening of the hotel.

Jordan Mintzer of The Hollywood Reporter wrote: "Maras does an excellent job on such an ambitious first feature, covering every corner of the hotel and making each gunshot or explosion feel like the real thing. The level of verisimilitude is so high that when Maras cuts in actual documentary footage, it's hard to tell it apart from the fiction. As close to reality as a movie can be."[37]

Jeff Sneider of Collider wrote: "Australian filmmaker Anthony Maras announces himself as a major director to watch with his feature debut Hotel Mumbai. It's a true ensemble piece, with a standout performance from Bollywood legend Anupam Kher, who registers strongest as the hotel's Chef and de facto leader of the hostages."[39]

Mumbai, India, November 26, 2008. While several terrorists spread hatred and death through the city, others attack the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Both hotel staff and guests risk their lives, making unthinkable sacrifices to protect themselves and keep everyone safe while help arrives.

26. 11. 2008 se indická Bombaj stala terčem útoku radikálních islamistů, kteří ve jménu Alláha brutálně udeřili na několika místech současně a především na luxusní pětihvězdičkový hotel Taj. Film ukazuje příběhy několika hostů, zaměstnanců, ale i teroristů, kteří se v ten den střetli na jednom místě a jejich osudy se vzájemně propletly. Pro někoho měl tento příběh šťastný konec, pro mnoho lidí však skončil krutě a tragicky. Natočeno podle skutečné události.(C0r0ner)

V listopadu 2008 došlo v Bombaji v Indii k sérii teroristických útoků. Na svědomí je měli islámští pákistánští teroristé vyzbrojení samopaly, pistolemi a granáty. Teroristé měli jediný cíl. Povraždit co nejvíce lidí. Krom útoku na železniční nádraží v době dopravní špičky, nemocnici, kino, restauraci a přístav teroristé napadli i hotely Oberon Trident a Taj Mahal Palace. Příběh se snaží mapovat osudné dny od příjezdu teroristů po jejich jednotlivé útoky, přičemž ten klíčový se odehrál právě v hotelu Taj Mahal, který byl teroristy nakonec zapálen. Film byl natočen k uctění všech, kteří v hotelu zemřeli, a zejména k uctění statečného personálu, který se snažil bránit své hosty a zůstal s nimi až do konce...(Big Bear)

Přiznám se, že informace ohledně teroristického útoku v Indii na tamní historický hotel, kolem mě tak nějak prošla. Teď už ale po shlédnutí tohoto filmu vím a nikdy nezapomenu. Geniální rekonstrukce teroristického útoku, které vládne preciznost, skvělé herecké výkony, technická vyspělost, ale i mnohdy lidská nelogičnost dána onou stresovou situací a navíc přispívá dalším hřebíčkem do rakve samotnému islámu. Nevím jak se k tomu stavět, ale během filmu jsem se zamýšlel nad tím, co je lepší. Věřit v náboženství, jehož jménem ročně jeho stoupenci způsobí bezbřehé množství bolesti nebo se ho vzdát, ubrat jeho sílu ve světě a stát se ateistou?(17.02.2020)

Meanwhile, we see how everything looks fine and usual at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel at the same time. We see David (Armie Hammer) and his wife Zahra (Nazanin Boniadi) arriving at the hotel with their little baby, and we also observe how that day does not begin well for Arjun (Dev Patel), a young hotel staff member who happens to lose his shoes while leaving his shabby family home and has no choice but to wear the ones to which his poor feet do not fit well.

After leaving their baby to their young nanny, David and Zahra go to a restaurant in the hotel supervised by chef Hemant Oberoi (Anupam Kher), and it looks like they are going to have a lovely evening there, but then they and many other people in the hotel are suddenly thrown into a very dangerous situation. Shortly after causing a pandemonium outside the hotel, four armed terrorists come into the hotel along with lots of scared people, and then they immediately start their another attack, which results in the death of many unfortunate people who happen to be around them.

Meanwhile, the movie also shows what is going on outside the hotel. The local police quickly arrive, but they are not prepared well enough to deal with the situation, and the Special Forces unit from Delhi has not arrived yet. When they try to enter the hotel at one point, they are soon attacked by the terrorists, and many people in the hotel become more desperate as the terrorists subsequently enter the final stage of their plan.

The main performers in the movie dutifully fill their respective archetype roles. While Armie Hammer and Nazanin Boniadi bring some humanity to their characters, Jason Isaacs is mostly stuck with his thankless role, Dev Patel holds his spot well with his earnest performance despite a few heavy-handed scenes including a small conversation scene between his character and one of the terrified hotel guests. In case of Anupam Kher, he effortlessly exudes calm, benevolent authority during his several big moments, and you may come to wish that the movie would be more about his character and other hotel staff members.

As fitting for a movie with the word HOTEL in the title, the most recent poster for Hotel Mumbai features the sumptuous interior design of one of the rooms. Because the film is about the 2008 terror attacks on the eponymous hotel, the rooms is riddled with bullets, and the flower-petal infused bath-tub has a subtle blooming of blood in the water. The warm brown tones are somewhat of an anomaly in poster design, so suffice it to say, this kind of 'still life' (no actors visible) should stand out in a multiplex lobby.

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Terror strikes in the heart of Mumbai, India, as members of Lashkar-e-Taiba storm the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in a series of coordinated attacks throughout the city. Amid the gunfire and mayhem, a brave chef and kitchen worker decide to risk their own lives to try and protect the frightened guests. As the militants continue their assault on the hotel, a desperate couple must do whatever they can to protect their newborn baby. 041b061a72

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