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When trying to search an Inventory item in Product Information Management, the following error appear when enter in the task Manage Items:Definition EffMasterOrganizationId of type Attribute is not found in j_RootIccDeclarativePublicVO.orObject ShippingOrgDefinationsPEO of the type Entity Usage is not found.or

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@JACOBSEN_C I found your post and replied there! Well I submitted a ticket to support and told it was caused by their servers and that the issue was sent up to the Engineering team to investigate. I still have teachers who get the error and some that don't. Seem's to be random.

The first patient was a 42-year-old women diagnosed of nephrolithiasis resulting from PHPT with a 99mTc-sestamibi scintigraphy (99mTC-MIBI) that did not show any hyperfunctional structure. In 2010, a bilateral cervical exploration was performed, and the left inferior parathyroid gland was not found. 041b061a72

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