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Saints Row 4 Animation Mod

I love GTA IV to bits, it's my favourite GTA and one of my favourite games of all time, but one thing that always really annoyed me was the horrific quality of the reload animations. I know GTA IV wasn't based around the gunplay, but considering how much attention to detail they put into the game, having reload animations worse than the ones in Saints Row 1 always felt kind of off. Anyone got any ideas (speculative or otherwise) as to why they're so bad?

Saints Row 4 Animation Mod

I would also like to know why. Perhaps the devs expended all of their effort and resources into making a playable next-gen GTA on a robust next-gen engine that reload animations simply were not a priority at all. I mean, everything else about the game's minutiae is expertly-crafted, so the rudimentary reloading seems to be a strange oversight given their high budget and talent. It would have really been nice to at least see the guns cycle and the actual magazines release and a new one loaded in, but oh well.

If I had to guess, they may not have been able to get moveable components working on the weapon models in a reasonable timeframe. The animations then had to be quick and vague to accommodate that lack of detail. Keep in mind most of these animations were likely done around 2006, so coming off the development of GTA San Andreas it probably didn't seem too important at the time. Both games are quite similar in that respect. I imagine having to adjust to a new engine was also very frustrating and meant certain visual flourishes just weren't worth their time while they were still struggling to get the game itself running properly.

Thisweek: Hotfix #1 will be submitted and deployed across multiple platforms in thecoming days and will address camera issues, animation bugs, PC Launch issuesand crashes. These need to go through approval for each platform so may bestaggered releases on each, but they are coming for all!

DIMASSSS_mod Maybe. But maybe not, because I changed the animation to a simple NPCs. And then you got like the skin of Oleg, and then the skin remains the same. Yeah still can't find where to change it. There is one option if to replace it brodowski - the game crashes. So, it is better without animations.

LazyDemon21 Maybe this will help: 1) Lower life NPC Brutus to strike seemed more powerful at the same time, we can all rest a little (I once posted this mod) 2) Sandbox + for SRTT is the ability to control the car, your brother. Take the truck, and bro drives ( but that's just a guess) 3)Sandbox + for SRTT - there's a running animation of Brutus, and that means minus one parameter for your fashion

All-in one. Here is a set of awesome animations for your Sims by MissMe. The mod also includes many additional objects needed for anims. It also requires the Sims 4 WickedWhims sex mod, Milky Tits and the Cum Mesh v1.02. 350c69d7ab

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