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[S2E14] Sex Kills

After making love with Buffy, Angel is racked with pain as his soul is ripped from him. In the street, he kills a passer-by when she offers to help him. He goes to the factory to join Spike and Drusilla, but the Judge attacks him. It is unable to burn him because Angel has fully reverted to the evil Angelus. Spike, Drusilla, and Angelus are clearly pleased to be reunited. Angelus vows to destroy Buffy for how she made him feel when he was Angel.

[S2E14] Sex Kills

Season 3 still haunts Season 4 five episodes in, with Steve and Aidan coming back into Carrie and Miranda's lives when they open their bar. The obsession with ghosts of boyfriends past kills all present momentum with the show.

Back in the fantasy world, Lizzie is cornered in an alleyway, when Josie appears. She explains that she is the darker version of Josie, fueled by everything Josie represses and that, she had to kill Josie to protect her from the Merge. "Dark Josie" explains that she used magic to rewrite the rules of the world and show Lizzie that she is stronger than her; Lizzie explains that she always knew, and didn't need the game. Josie explains that if Lizzie is killed in the simulation, her mind remains trapped. Josie attempts to shoot Lizzie, but is wrestled by Hope, who kills Josie and saves Lizzie. Hope explains that she couldn't get on the bus if it meant an innocent person would die; with this, Hope's escape word appears. When Hope says the escape word, her and Lizzie awaken, but Josie remains in the simulation. 041b061a72

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