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Shoujo City Free Download PC Game

The first job you need to do in this game is to create a female character with the appearance elements you like and freely customize. It is a game of the yuri genre, so you will control the character and date the girl you like. Also, after creating the character, you will appear in your apartment, and of course, you will have money to spend, although it is quite limited. Also, you will find what hobbies the girl you like has.

Shoujo City Free Download PC Game

Shoujo City is a dating simulator game where you'll have to interact with cute anime girls in a virtual Japanese city. Your goal in this anime dating sim is to win love of a girl in 10 days by giving her gifts, playing games, inviting to a cafe, or having regular dates. While talking to a girl, each dialogue choice affects your score.

Provided that you have at least an Intel HD 4000 graphics card you can play the game. Furthermore, an Intel HD 530 is recommended in order to run Shoujo City with the highest settings. To play Shoujo City you will need a minimum CPU equivalent to an Intel Core i3-3220. However, the developers recommend a CPU greater or equal to an Intel Core i5-6500 to play the game. Shoujo City system requirements state that you will need at least 2 GB of RAM. Additionally, the game developers recommend somewhere around 4 GB of RAM in your system. In terms of game file size, you will need at least 500 MB of free disk space available. By contrast, the game developers recommend somewhere around 1 GB of free disk space on your system drive.

Shoujo City 3D App has been created as a quick, easy way to create simple 3D scenes. It is very simple and easy for anyone who knows how to use a smartphone to have fun with. If you love games and cartoons, this app is worth downloading--you can spend hours just exploring the site! Well, first of all, I'd like you to know that this app was made from scratch by me (seriously) and it's complete with NO ads whatsoever.

Are you looking for Shoujo City - anime game for Windows 7/8/10 download instructions? Then you've come to the right place. Most of the mobile apps are exclusively developed to work with mobile phones. But we love to use them on larger screens such as Windows Laptop / Desktop as it gives easy and faster access than a small mobile device.

The game is now distributed for free. There is premium content, but it is not mandatory for completing the game. So if somebody was scared away by having to buy it, please give it another chance (and post your suggestions for improving the gameplay - I really need those)!

A sandbox-style city exploration and adventure game, Shoujo City combines gameplay from anime dating simulators and bishoujo visual novels. The game takes place in a virtual 3D Tokyo world with an emphasis on anime and otaku culture. You'll be given a special anime girlfriend at the start of the game, and you'll have to look after her while you explore the city with her.

Shoujo City 3D is a popular dating sim game right now. You can win your girlfriend's heart by engaging in a variety of activities here. Explore the city via cooking, dating, buying groceries and clothing, cosplaying, customizing, and much more! You'll have enough to do in this game because it's limitless. You have the option to go on hundreds or perhaps thousands of dates! Yes, the game is enjoyable.

This game's content is an anime-style dating sim with city exploration. This is one of the most alluring aspects of the anime genre, which makes the game ideal for aficionados of the genre. You and your girlfriend will initiate play in the game. She needs you to show her around Tokyo and make her happy. There are various locations to explore.

This game is absolutely free to download. There is no term in which you have to pay for the downloading of this game. You just don't need the in-app purchases, not even the price to buy this game. Just go to the downloading site and get it immediately with just one click.

Shoujo City 3D combines the gameplay of bishoujo visual novels and sandbox-style city exploration adventure. Set in Tokyo and focused on otaku culture, the game start by giving you a unique anime girlfriend. The aim is to take care of her and explore the city with her.

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