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No Jumping Difficulty Chart Obby GUI [PATCHED]

This difficulty introduces ice for the first part. It is recommended to use Shift-Lock and tilt the camera while continually jumping, not moving horizontally will help since Ice blocks will make you slip. If you collect Killbrick Marker, be careful because some of the ice might explode.

No Jumping Difficulty Chart Obby GUI

The first major roadblock for the obby, the ice checkerboard, appears here. After jumping onto it, jump again immediately to minimize risk of sliding. At the horizontal truss, follow the sign and go forward and left at the same time while using shift lock. At the last obstacle, simply walk in the middle.

Client objects, short for client sided objects, are a type of obstacle generally originating from Juke's Towers of Hell. Client objects were created to make the overall gameplay of towers more fun and interesting, and their usage spread out to even difficulty chart obbies. Client objects, hence the name, use client-sided scripts to change an obby in a way where it only effects a specific player. For example, one player could stand on a brick which then immediately collapses, on another players screen the action wouldn't replicate and the brick would still be standing. This is a good way to stop players from messing with obstacles to prevent others from progressing in the obby.

To obtain the Difficulty Chart Marker, players will need to complete the entirety of the Difficulty Dimension's obby. There are eight levels in this obby, easy, medium, challenging, hard, difficult, insane, terrifying, and MARKEROUS, and each varies in length and difficulty. The first few levels are pretty simple, with terrifying and MARKEROUS being the hardest of them all. To get started on your journey of completing this obby, walk and jump your way through the easy level to reach medium. 041b061a72


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