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JLPT Target 2000. N2. Vocabulary

for the textbook, i would recommend this one. i found it really useful to prepare for the jlpt and it is quite easy to find. it includes some vocabulary but not as much as in the series, as well as exercises to test your knowledge, and hints to help you identify which word the teacher is looking for. its available for japanese teachers here and for jlpt candidates here. though the jlpt is a bit different from your university exams, it is still useful to learn the jlpt vocabulary in the textbook. you might find it useful to read it in japanese, so you can understand all the details and enjoy it even more. the pronunciation guide at the end is also useful.

JLPT Target 2000. N2. Vocabulary

i find this book quite useful to find the vocabulary necessary for the exam. as it is a textbook, it will have some vocabulary that is not in the jlpt exam and sometimes the vocabulary used in the exam is the same as in the textbook. however, it is a little bit different from the series, so i find it easier to study the textbook rather than the series.

the last thing i would recommend is to listen to the cd while you study. this is good to help you memorize the vocabulary and grammar. it also helps you find the vocabulary quickly, since you can just listen to the cd and find the right words.

if you know where you can buy the japanese course, or a japanese teacher, they can be very useful. if you dont have much experience, try to find a japanese teacher at your university, and ask them to give you a reference. a lot of japanese teachers have their students listen to the same jlpt materials.

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