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Buy Used Wedding Linens

While affordable wedding decor items can be scored by comparing prices, shopping sales, looking for discounts, and using online coupons, one of the best ways to save big on decor is to buy pre-owned. But where can you buy used wedding decor?

buy used wedding linens

Obviously, you could go the old-fashioned route and visit your local thrift stores to buy used wedding decorations for your big day. But thanks to the internet, there are so many other convenient ways to gather affordable, used wedding items than ever before via wedding resale sites!

To help you in deciding on the best resources for used wedding decor, we did a bit of research. After reading online reviews and researching fees and policies, we came up with the following options for you to consider.

Our private community features the ability to connect with brides-to-be in your local area. Each State features a dedicated space to share not only vendor and venue recommendations but also to buy/sell/trade used wedding items with other savvy brides in your state.

Also, check out our post, The Top 7 Places to Sell Your Wedding Dress Online, for ideas on where to buy and/or sell pre-owned wedding apparel, bridal accessories, and more! You may just find your dream dress for half the price!

Devoted Columbus hosts Wedding Resale Markets Events 3-4 times throughout the year at various locations. Married couples bring their gently used wedding items to sell directly to newly engaged couples.

Examples of items that could be sold include wedding decorations, dresses, accessories, jewelry, favors, candles, chargers, signs, wedding gifts, easels, toasting glasses, card boxes, cake cutters, vases, votives, table cloths, glassware, table numbers, frames, and so much more! Every Wedding Resale Market is different!

On-Site: Consignment events throughout the year where brides can shop gently-used wedding items. Booth fee is $45.00 and comes with 1- 8ft table, linen, and 2 chairs. You are welcome to add additional tables at the same price but you can't bring your own tables. Setup begins at 8:30am. Be sure to price your items to sell and bring plenty of change with you. It is helpful to also accept payment by Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, etc.Email to reserve your booth today, space is limited!

There are many websites out there designed for newlyweds to sell their secondhand wedding items. If you want to clear out space in your home (and even help another couple save money on their special day), you might want to check out these sites.

Sadly, my favorite paper shop, Paper and More, went out of business at the end of 2021. So whereas I used to buy all my paper from one retailer, now I use a bunch of different sources to meet my paper needs.

I love it for accents like belly bands and tags as well as for enclosure cards and vellum underlays. The white wood grain paper is great for weddings but it comes it a variety of other colors as well.

One of the lesser known papers for wedding invitations, laid cardstock has subtle vertical ridges traveling the length of the paper. For brides who want something a little different, this classically gorgeous paper still has a soft, romantic feel to it.

We are all familiar with table clothes. Floor length (or even longer) generally results in a more formal look, while shorter versions are less formal and more economical. Overlays are generally square pieces of material placed over round tables, providing contrast to the longer table clothes. Runners, sometimes used sans cloth, provide the same function as the overlays, but are strips of fabric that are most often seen on rectangular tables. Floor-length skirts attach with clips around the perimeter of an already-covered table.

2. Use linens available through your venue. Sometimes your rental will include the table coverings. If so, ask to see them so you know what to expect, and verify whether there is an additional cost. If you are pleased with both, you need not source them separately.

3. Buy new or used tablecloths and napkins online and resell them after the wedding. It is possible to find nice tablecloths online for around the same price as the fabric to make them, saving you both time and money. If you make the extra effort to sell them, the net cost could be very attractive. You can find some options through these links:

4. Make overlays or runners and resell them after the wedding. Because of the straightforward design, even those relatively new to using a sewing machine can make table linens. You may use polyester or a cotton-blend material or choose special occasion fabric for a different effect. Each of the following has a unique look (find event-appropriate bolts of each through the links):

While a number of factors go into making a wedding reception attractive and memorable, the table décor using various types of tablecloths is one of them. The right tablecloth can transform a mundane table into an elegant and inviting space. It can also help to set the tone for the overall event. Having said this, when choosing a tablecloth for wedding reception, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the overall theme or style of the event. Do you want a formal affair, or something more relaxed? The tablecloth should be appropriate for the overall tone of the event. Second, think about the colors you want to use. The tablecloth should complement the other colors in the room. Choosing the right tablecloth fabric is another most important part of wedding table decorations. From elegant to whimsical, the right fabric can make all the difference in the overall look and feel of your wedding tables. Would you like to know more about the most popularly used fabric in the making of tablecloth for wedding? If yes, then the post is for you.

Satin is a popular choice for tablecloth for round table because it has a luxurious look and feel. Satin is also durable, which means it can withstand the rigors of a wedding party. It has a smooth surface and a lustrous sheen that makes it perfect for creating a beautiful and elegant tablescape. Additionally, the fabric resists wrinkles, so you can be sure that your tables look perfect all night long. Second, it is a neutral fabric that will not clash with your other wedding decor.

Cotton is yet another most popular fabrics for making tablecloths and other table coverings as it is durable, easy to care for, and relatively inexpensive. Cotton tablecloths are also available in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you can find one that fits your wedding theme perfectly. Also, if you're looking for a way to add a personal touch to your wedding tables, cotton is the perfect fabric to use. You can have your tablecloth custom-made with your names and wedding date embroidered on it, or you can add other personal touches like photos or quotes. So, if you're looking for a fabric that is both beautiful and practical, cotton is the perfect choice for your tablecloth for wedding.

Drapes are a type of linen usually hung from the ceiling and cascade down the sides of a wedding table. They add a touch of elegance and can be used to transform a plain room into a luxurious reception space.

As the name suggests, table linens are placed on top of tables. They protect the tables from spills and stains while also adding a bit of style and class. Linens are an amazing way to bring a high scale elegance to your event. You can incorporate strong pops of color, bold patterns, or stick to a soft neutral and let the rest of your decor do the talking!

Some couples opt for a more minimalist look by using table runners instead of tablecloths. These pieces of fabric are long, narrow strips placed down the center of a table. They can be used alone or in combination with tablecloths.

Regardless of the fabric you choose, you can personalize your wedding linens with a variety of details. These are good options for linen pieces that you purchase and want to keep long after your wedding day.

Embroidery: Add a touch of luxury to your wedding linens with embroidery. This technique involves stitching designs into the fabric using thread. You can choose from various patterns, including florals, geometric shapes, and even monograms.

Beading: Another way to add sparkle to your wedding linens is with beading. This technique involves attaching beads to the fabric using thread. Beading choices include pearls, crystals, and sequins.

If you decide to rent your wedding linens, contact us at Curated Events. We have an extensive linen collection across our 6 locations and have lots of options for many different tastes and aesthetics!

That being said, ownership is the main benefit of buying your wedding linens. It may be worth the investment if you plan on using the same linens for future events, such as anniversaries or family gatherings.

Thank you for getting in touch, in order to purchase tablecloths you will need to sign in on our website and make your purchases. please visit and make your purchase. Should you require assistance please feel free to call our customer service department at 800 937 1159 they will be please to help you.

The linens you choose for your wedding are crucial, both practically and aesthetically. Protecting guests and furnishings from spillage is easy with a few simple linens like napkins, table runners, chair covers, and tablecloths. Beyond their functional role, the linens provide a touch of elegance to the atmosphere of your special day.

Table linens are often provided by event spaces, but if you'd want something a little fancier, you'll have to rent or buy it. Whether your wedding reception will be held in an elegant ballroom or a remote rustic cabin, many brides opt to rent linens rather than purchase them.

Answers to these and other concerns, as well as information about the benefits and drawbacks of renting versus purchasing wedding table linens, can help you make an informed decision. To that end, we're here to guide you towards the best decision. 041b061a72

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