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Bk Butler Tube Driver Clone

and you can still pick up the tubeworks tube drivers fairly cheaply (the 3 knob ones are usually only $100) and there are the 5 knob 'real tube' pedals that have a mids pot and cost that much as well.

Bk Butler Tube Driver Clone

you could also pick up one of the old rack tube drivers. the original BK Butler ones are very very hard to find (luckily i have one which i will actually be putting up for sale soon i think), but the chandler copies come very close in quality, unlike with their pedals (i talked to BK about this recently and he told me this).

Ciao Giamp scusa, ho acquistato un Chandler tube driver- e lo volevo inserire nella mia pboard e come alimentazione per i vari pedali, ho una voodoolabPP2plus,: che tu sappia che tipo di mod devo fare al chandy perchè possa alimentarlo con la PP2p-forse posso fare un cavo reverse per la la Auxiliary ACoutlet? Grazie

What started off as simply another amplifier review had, with the appearance of this whitiest of papers, turned into something else - my first taste of what appears to be a truly novel implementation of tubes in consumer audio. With the designer's explanation delivered a priori rather than in a manufacturer's reply, we're now in the enviable position to test the implicit claim that a 250-watt power amplifier with two small-signal tubes can mimic, clone or elicit the instantly recognizable sound of a 'pure' (or better perhaps, traditional) zero-feedback SET or push/pull tube amplifier that employs regular output tubes and output transformers. I've decided that the above explanation was way too interesting to withhold until the review proper, hence this sneak peek not so much at the amplifier under review but the technology that drives it. More soon, with thanks in the meantime to Mr. Butler for giving our readers more than the somewhat opaque explanations thus far published on his website for reasons of intellectual property rights protection. Gracias, BK. 350c69d7ab

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