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Windows Vista Hdmi Audio Driver Download

2. HDMI has its own audio driver separate from the audio driver. HDMI audio is incorporated into the graphics card's driver so make sure you have the newest version of your graphics card driver. On models with Intel graphics the HDMI audio driver will appear in the Device Manager as "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus" or "Intel Display Audio".

Windows Vista Hdmi Audio Driver Download

Download File:

Post Connection Problems:1. If there is still no option to select "HDMI' as the default playback device at Control Panel>Sound, try re-installing or updating the graphics driver, or even try an older version. The graphics driver is the driver for HDMI audio, not the regular audio driver. A few people with Intel graphics had better results by uninstalling the graphics driver, rebooting, and letting Windows look for a driver (instead of downloading the driver from the Dell support site).

Frequently HDMI audio does not work properly. I have gone through hundreds of posts and gathered together the ones with solutions that worked for at least one person. I skipped the ones that were unconfirmed suggestions. Below I have listed their solutions by laptop model, operating system, and graphics card. If your model is not listed then try a solution for your OS and graphics combination. Models with Intel GraphicsThis tip was posted by a number of people with different laptop models (including Inspiron 1525 and Latitudes E4200, E4300, & E6400), but all with Intel graphics. Look in the Device Manager and if you see "Audio device on high definition audio bus" with an exclamation mark, you need to update it. Right click on it and point the updater to the HDMI sub-folder in the Intel graphics card folder. The path will vary depending on the name of your graphics driver but should be something like:C:\dell\drivers\R******\HDMI The folder named R****** is where your graphics driver files are stored on the hard drive. The actual number varies depending on which version of the driver you have installed. If you don't know then just download a copy of the newest graphic (video) driver from your downloads page and make a note of the location on the hard drive to which the files are unzipped. ********************************************************************************************Inspiron 1525 (Intel GM 965 graphics)

In the unzipped intel video driver (GM965) there's a folder named HDMI. It contains the driver for the audio device on high definition audio bus. To install, right click on the device in device manager (which has an exclamation mark on it), then update driver, and point to the HDMI folder. Once the driver is installed, the (!) exclamation should disappear in device manager. There's no need to reconfigure any audio settings. Audio will automatically be fed to the HDMI port, and when an HDMI cable is plugged into the port the laptop's speakers automatically mute.Kevinmwest wrote:

1. Download the lastest Intel chip set and Video drivers from Dell support using your TAG on the bottom of the laptop to identify the correct drivers.2. Uninstall using add remove programs in control panel the Intel Chip Set ( your display resolution will change to low resolution)3. Install the intel chip set that you downloaded and also the Video (Only restart the laptop when both are installed)4. Configure you display settings again to what you had before5. Now connect the HDMI and try playing a song or Blue Ray movie.6. Now when switching from HDMI to speaker and back the other way sound will stop working, so you have to close the application you were using and re-open for the sound to work. (6-23-09)tvaudioman wrote:

I just spoked to Dell support and after resuming what I have discovered, I asked if they support the audio for the hdmi port. The answer is that even though the hardware has what it takes, the design of the inspiron 1525 was for video only. The Intel chipset offers also audio but Dell had no intention of supporting it. For now, the solution is:1- make sure there is no hdmi cable connected2- uninstall the Intel High Definition Audio HDMI and select to remove the driver files as well3- Click on the action menu and rescan for new hardware4- Vista will install a different driver that supports only stereo but it will be available in your sound dialog.

Shut down computer and connect to your TV via the HDMI. Boot up computer. Press Crlt+Alt+F4 to switch the display to your TV only I hope you have an external mouse, becuase you will need to restart your PC and the laptop lid be closed. So after the restart, the bios screen and the windows startup should show on your TV With the laptop lid still close, navigate with the help of your external mouse (wired or wireless) to the volume speaker in the task bar and right click. Choose playback devices, then you will see a new slider called HDMI volume.It worked every single time with me, so you have to have the graphic card set to display on the TV while windows 7 starts up. Otherwise the driver for the HDMI will not be loaded during the start up.tomurphy wrote:Weeks ago the hdmi sound out was broken too, but I got it fixed by checking out these forums and upgrading to newer intel hdmi drivers that came out a week or two after the official release of windows 7. (Jan 2, '10)

In reference to the 1525, one of the posters said Dell was not supporting the audio feed for the HDMI so I went to Intel. They have a driver download which will install the HDMI driver for the Mobile Intel 965 Express chipsets. Enter your OS and download. It worked like a hot ***. Once installed and rebooted as is normal with graphics drivers, it was plug in the cable and go. Its an old one from 2009, but it works.

Inspiron 1525 was having HDMI Audio issues soon after upgrading to windows 7 and cannot see HDMI option in the control panel sound settings, but followed the below link to install intel drivers again, everything is back to normal and working, hope it helps any one who is searching for a solution for HDMI audio issues with Inspiron 1525 laptop. -hdmi-audio-not-working-on-dell-laptop/ **************************************************************************************Inspiron Mini 10 with XP (Intel graphics)camikins wrote:

The following updated Intel video driver will allow you to pass audio and video through the HDMI port. You will need to have your Mini10 connected to an hdmi TV for the audio properties to give you the HDMI opton. =us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs&releaseid=R207162&Syst...**********************************************************************************************

I had updated my sound driver before, and upon doing so again it has decided to work.....This only worked after updating the graphics driver using the Dell website. Before I updated the graphics driver, the audio driver update didn't help.

What I found was that when I restarted whatever program (websited or audio source) it would come out through the tv. If I didn't restart it my sound control would show the hdmi default but no audio indicator on the bar levels next to the source icon. I kept thinking it wasn't working but upon restart, it did. ********************************************************************************************Studio 1737 with Win7CorkStabber wrote:

This is a Studio 1737, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, upgraded from Windows Vista 64 (not a clean install). I've installed all the latest drivers from Dell, and have no !'s in Device Manager.I can use Windows Media Player or Windows Media center just fine for most content, streaming Netflix in Media Center over HDMI is fine, playing mp3's in iTunes over HDMI is fine, etc. But when Playing a DVD or a ripped .mpg, the video plays but the audio is just extremely loud static.This was fixed by going into Control Panel and the settings for the HDMI device, and unchecking the 'Exclusive' options.Oaxaca Bill wrote:

Well, finally I got my 1555 with intel graphics to get audio out of HDMI under WIN7 64 bit ULTIMATE.After strugling with no audio from my HDMI and reading all your posts here for the last few days, I decided to uninstall my graphics driver and reinstall the graphics driver from DELL , then I switch my power plan to HIGH PERFOMANCE - not the DELL RECOMENDED one !!!Then I powered off my 1555 , connected to the TV with HDMI, powered on and VOILA.YOU MUST FIRST POWER OFF TV, POWER OFF YOUR DELL, CONNECT THE HDMI CABLE, POWER ON YOUR TV IN HDMI MODE and only then POWER ON YOUR DELL and ensure it is powered by MAINS ! NOT BATTERY!.It is importatnt to understand that the moment you will boot again with noTV connected you wil NOT SEE the HDMI in the SOUND PROPERTIES of your DELL.Studio 1555 with Win7 (ATI graphics) -- 5.1 audio to receiver

1. Update Power DVD DX to the latest version, at this time it's something like 8.3.2. Go to realtek site and download the application called: ATI HDMI Audio Device. Install it.Try this link: =1&PNid=24&PFid=24&Level=4&Conn=3&DownT...3. Connect the laptop via HDMI to an HDMI receiver. Turn the laptop display off or it won't display the movie on an external screen.4. In Vista go to the control panel and select Sound (i use classic mode). Make sure the the realtek HDMI option is selected. I don't have my laptop handy but in one of the tabs turn on and test Dolby Digital and DTS. Both should work. Your receiver should display that it's decoding the appropriate signal.5. I configured the HDMI output to 5.1 speakers. I don't know if this is necessary.6. Here's the missing link. In PowerDVD DX, DO NOT select HDMI as the audio output. Instead, choose S/PDIF. This is obviously an issue with PowerDVD since the HDMI selection with dolby digital passthrough should work fine. At the time of this writing, it won't. For whatever reason the S/PDIF setting will passthrough Dolby Digital over your HDMI output.Studio 1555 with Win7 (unknown graphics)

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